Disability Week 2018

Zoe Godden students with disabilities officer Campaigns

Disability Advocacy Week aims to bring light to disabled issues by putting students with disabilities at the forefront of their own narratives. Tackling issues such as ableism and sanism, disability in wider society, and recent governmental changes to monetary aid such as Personal Independence Payments and Disabled Students Allowance, Disability Advocacy Week’s purpose is to educate the wider student body and beyond about how they can become better disabled allies and show the positive contributions disabled people have given to our society, in addition to aiding students who are pursuing diagnoses or support for their conditions.

The week will be running from February 5th to 9th 2018 on campus at NUSU, featuring a host of events throughout the week, including –

Ableism 101  

It’s All in Your Head: The Effect of Invisible Disabilities (led by the lovely Joanna Power):

Refreshers Fair Early Access Hour

Inclusive Parasport Fencing Taster Session(!!!):

Boccia and Goalball Taster Sessions

#CripTheVote: Disability Activism at the Front Lines (led by Errol Kerr, of course)

I’m Not a Scrounger: Disability and Social Class (a collab between Newcastle University Disability and Neurodiversity Society and the Working Class Students Network):

Student Advice Centre: Disabled Students Drop-In

Disability Poetry and Zine Workshop (Led by the wonderful Sez Thomasin)

Deaf and Disabled: A Student’s Experience (Led by Jacob Atkinson)

Mad Max: Fury Road Screening




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