Go Green Week 2018

Go Green banner Your chance to get involved in this national campaign.

Go Green Week (GGW) is a national campaign for students to raise awareness about climate change that was started by People and Planet. This campaign is very important in raising awareness about issues of climate change and sustainability. A whole week of activities is the perfect chance for us to raise awareness and we can hopefully help many students to see why climate change and trying to live more sustainably in order to reduce climate change, is a such an important issue. With rising temperatures breaking records around the globe, we have already begun to see the disastrous effects of climate change and the worst is yet to come, that’s why it is more important than ever that people hear about this issue and learn what they can do to help.

Monday 12th Feb. Choking the planet
Collaboration with Students for Global Health
The impact of climate change and burning fossil fuels on human health, especially the most vulnerable people  
10am-4pm outside SU

Tuesday 13th Feb. Waste not want not
Raising awareness of waste, especially plastic. No plastic day/#oneless campaign
10am-4pm outside SU

Wednesday 14th Feb.  Food for thought
Raising awareness of the environmental benefit behind a vegan diet and food waste with the Food Coop and Vegetarian and Vegan Society
Valentine's Day Vegan bake sale
10am-4pm outside SU

Thursday 15th. Fashion Faux Pas
Collab with Fashion Society. Raising awareness of the fast fashion industry.
Promoting the sustainable fashion show in April and making baskets with old t-shirts
10am-4pm outside SU

Friday 16th Feb. Think Global Act Local
Building awareness of Banks mining at Bradley, County Durham and the proposed coal mine at Druridge Bay 
10am-4pm outside SU

Evening events 6-9pm in the Lounge L1 of the Students' Union


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