How we support your physical health in the Welfare and Support Centre

From sexual health to reducing risks, we got you covered.

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Physical health services in the Students’ Union

Booking in with your GP may be your first thought for health and wellbeing worries or concerns however, you may find the Welfare and Support centre a ‘go to’ for complimentary services.

We don’t want to take the place of your GP surgery or Student health and Wellbeing Services but do offer free resources and information that might help during your time at Newcastle.

The Welfare and Support Centre is located on the ground floor of the Students’ Union, close to the Co-op.

Alcohol and Drug Support

Face to Face support on campus

Alcohol Safety

Drug Testing and Harm Reduction

Sexual Health

We have free home STI testing kits available to pick up when you need one. Condoms are also always available free of charge.

STI Information

Book in for an STI or HIV+ Test right here in the Students’ Union.

HIV and Aids Information


You can pick up a free pregnancy test and helpful information from the Welfare and Support Centre.

Period Products

Pick up free period products from the resource boxes next to our main door.

Spiking Support

Guidance and information on what you should do if you think you or a friend has been spiked. This includes when to phone the police, when to go to hospital, as well as other useful information.

Student led Societies and Sports Clubs

From yoga and dance to social sport, joining student led societies and clubs is a great way of getting or staying healthy as well as a great way to meet like-minded students.  

Go to our Welfare and Support pages to explore all we have to offer.


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