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Throughout 2018/19 NUSU is running an extended campaign to raise awareness of trans and non-binary student experiences by producing a series of videos and providing useful resources. The Trans Awareness campaign is led by Charlotte Boulton (Marginalised Genders Officer) and Lauren Sykes (LGBT+ Officer), with support from Jack Green (Welfare & Equality Officer), to provide trans students with a platform to be seen and heard.

Watch the video below by Charlotte and Lauren explaining more about the campaign or listen to them both on the NSR (Newcastle Student Radio) news show talking about the campaign and some of the issues facing trans and non-binary students at the university and across the country!

Why are we running this campaign?

The campaigns aims’ are to improve visibility of trans students, as these students can sometimes be overlooked in more general campaigns, and to increase the awareness from the wider student population about what it means to be trans. We hope to strike a balance between awareness and action by providing long-lasting resources that will remain relevant throughout the year.

Trans Awareness is an important campaign which has a strong focus on raising awareness for those who would not normally engage with LGBT+ and trans spaces and discussions. We believe it is vital that all students have an understanding of gender identities in order to promote respect, appropriate language use and acceptance. By involving various trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming students in the planning and production of the campaign, we hope to give them a platform to tell other students what they think they need to know. 

What are we doing for Trans Awareness?

The campaign revolves around the following series of videos that are intended to provide visibility to trans students across Newcastle University. These videos are as follows:

Just click on the link for each video and they will start playing!

Alongside the video campaign, we held a number of events at NUSU to celebrate Trans Awareness during the initial launch week (12-18 November): 

  • On Monday 12 November, we kicked off the launch week with the ‘Being trans in Newcastle’ discussion. This was an informal discussion led by trans students about their personal experiences with their gender identity and how this impacts their life at university, work and home.
  • On Friday 16 November, 6.30-8.30pm, we hosted a Panel: Trans Lives and Experiences, to construct a more formal discussion of gender and being trans. The panellists were trans students who have been involved in the videos and organisation of the campaign, and facilitated discussion beyond the assigned questions. Here are a couple of photos of the panel.

  • At the end of the week, we held a vigil outside NUSU to commemorate the lives lost due to acts of transphobic violence. You can read all about this event in The Courier.

There is information and support available for trans and non-binary students both through the university and NUSU. We will be adding to this list as we create more resources tailored to the needs of trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming students.

NUSU Contacts

NUSU/University Resources

External Resources

  • Be: local charity supporting trans and non-binary people through peer support groups and social events 
  • Mermaids UK: national charity supporting trans and non-binary people

We want your feedback!

We want to know what you think about NUSU Trans Awareness. For example, has the campaign changed your opinions of the experiences of trans students on campus? Do you want to find out more about about how to be a good ally? Should we be doing anything further to support Trans and Non-Binary students? Whatever your thoughts are on the campaign, please complete the anonymous feedback form with your comments.


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