Upcoming Campaigns


Throughout the year we’ll be bringing you campaigns to get you thinking, that get you involved and campaigns which will help you make the most of your time here at Newcastle.

S.O.S (Stressed Out Students) returns during January Exam time. Look out for free fruit, exam tips and welfare advice.

National Young Carers Day 27th January 

Who are carers and how can we support them? This digital campaign will hope to raise awareness in the definition of being a carer. 

Beyond the Binary 30th Jan - 2nd Feb 2017

Beyond the Binary aims to reach out and be relevant to as many people as possible by raising awareness and empowering students who identify anywhere on the non-binary spectrum.


For ways to get involved in campaigning please contact Welfare.union@ncl.ac.uk

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What's Happening

Stressed Out Students

S.O.S returns to get you through the January Exams

Campaigns Fund

Funding available for all students!

Free condoms

Durex condoms are now available to all students, via the Students’ Union.