What did you think of Food for Fuel Week?

Food for fuel logo Here's what happened!

Food for Fuel Week was a collaboration between Sarah Craggs (Welfare) and Clara Pettitt (Athletic Union) focussing on healthy eating and understanding food.

What happened?

Go Volunteer Veggie Giveaway

Pick up a ‘Soup in a Bag’ pack and make your own delicious meal.

 It’s more than just hunger: Understand our relationship with food: Dr Aisling Martin and Dr Jen Woodhouse

There are many reasons why we eat; physical hunger is just one of them.  We know that, for many of us, our emotions play a large part in our eating. If we feel stressed, anxious, upset or angry, food may play a role in helping to comfort ourselves, or to numb difficult emotions. In this one hour lecture we help you to reflect on what influences your relationship with food and how this might affect your eating habits.

Breakfast Club, Newcastle University Sports Centre

Grab a free breakfast after your workout on the way to morning lectures

Smoothie Bike

Canny Kitchen  

Get confident in the kitchen with this interactive cooking session. Hints and tips on how to make the most of your shopping list.

Society take over 

Come along to sample healthy snacks from Baking Society. 

Pick up a free healthy pick and mix from the Food Coop

Grainger Market trip – Find out where to buy healthy food at low cost prices.

We asked you what you thought about nutrition......

How has Food for Fuel week changed your opinions about your nutrition and lifestyle?

Encouraged me to eat breakfast

I will start using fresher ingredients

I used to eat fast food a lot. I won’t anymore

I am really thankful for the bag of veg

Being healthy is good for my overall wellbeing

Not yet but the soup in a bag looks really good

Thought more about making healthier lunches

Makes me consider

To make me eat better


Absolutely-start thinking about living healthy

It has given good information and advice on balancing a healthy lifestyle

Has made me want to eat more healthy

Shown me that there are a lot of ways to eat healthy

Will you be changing your habits when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle now?

Will be making more leek and potato soup

Yes, eating healthy

I will try to eat healthier – less chocolate

I’ll continue to look after myself

I’ll think about organic


I will continue eating healthy but for less

Continuing improving them

Yes, I will try to eat a more varied diet

I will try to eat more vegetables

Will would love to hear your thoughts and any suggestions for the future. Please get in touch.


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