Virtual Reality Project

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a fascinating way to travel the world and have amazing experiences using nothing more than the power of technology. With a headset and motion tracking, VR lets you look around a virtual space as if you're actually there. It's also been a promising technology for decades that's never truly caught on but that changing with the current wave of VR products.

This year we will be running a variety of VR projects which we hope will be a unique and interesting way to help people in the wider community. For this to work we need volunteers to be involved with the design and delivery of these projects!

We have a few ideas already for potential projects and will be linking up with a local school to help the children produce a VR tour (with an artistic twist) of their school but we are particularly keen to hear your ideas (no matter how crazy they may seem) for how VR can be used to make a difference to peoples lives.

If you are interested in finding out more about the project email Claire at 




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