5 Ways You're Already Volunteering

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Go Volunteer has been a core part of NUSU for many years now, with over 150 volunteering opportunities and new volunteering projects happening every year, there are so many options available for YOU to get involved.

However, you might already be volunteering without even knowing it!

  • Do you regularly write for The Courier?
  • Are you a committee member for any societies?
  • Perhaps you host your own radio programme with NSR?
  • Are you a student representative for your degree programme?
  • Or maybe you run a sports club?

You’re already volunteering!

If you’re actively involved with NUSU by contributing to student media, societies, sports clubs, student representation and more, then you’re already on your way to a path of success.

You don’t need to have 300 hours of work experience under your belt or a one-year industry placement secured in order to gain valuable employability skills that could help boost your career. By simply volunteering with NUSU and incorporating it into your weekly uni routine, you’ve demonstrated time management, organisation, responsibility and many more employability skills which can be found here.

These transferable skills are what employers are looking for when it comes to finding the most suitable candidate. Your role is more than just another line on the CV – with the amount of hours and hard work that volunteers put into the NUSU, you’ll have an abundance of examples to share that demonstrate your contribution to student activities on campus!

To understand more about how your volunteering role can help you shine, Go Volunteer runs employability workshops throughout the entire year. The next set of workshops are taking place in February 2018 and you can sign up now! Build on your existing skills or gain some new ones – from conflict resolution, project management, influence and persuasion to commercial awareness.

Also, registration for the NCL plus award is open until 15th December, 2017. You can register your extra-circular volunteering activities and gain accreditation for your skills. All you need to do is apply, attend two employability workshops and complete 50 hours of extra-curricular activity (roughly two hours per week).

For more information on employability opportunities, check Go Volunteer for an A to Z list of volunteering projects.

For any queries, please contact: govolunteer.union@newcastle.ac.uk


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