Go Volunteer Competition

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A chance for your club or society to win some money whilst giving back to the community.

Enter our BRAND NEW competition for a chance to win your club or society some money.

£200 for 1st place and £50 for 2nd.

All you need to do is email to register your society or club and attend a volunteering activity and let us know all about it. Easy right?

The competition will run from the start of term until the last week of term (14 December). You must sign up and have taken part in your volunteering activity before then.

How the winners are decided, the winners of the competition will be decided upon by the volunteering executive, your peers, by using the following three indicators:

  • % of club or society members taking part in the activity
  • Impact of the activity they take part in
  • How the project is set up (will you create/find something new by yourself or will we find something for you).

Benefits of taking part in the competition:

  • Earn Your Stripes and Inclusive Society
  • Money prize to spend how you wish
  • Awareness and publicity of club or society
  • Community support
  • Feel good factor
  • Team bonding in the first term.

Activities which can be used as examples include:

  • Care home visits
  • Litter picks in Fenham or Jesmond
  • Gardening in parks with rangers
  • Fundraising events (not for club or society or RAG)
  • Scouts/ Brownies or other kids club sessions
  • Hosting events (coffee mornings)
  • Micro volunteering activity.

When letting us know all about the activity you took part in it would be great if you could fill in a feedback form, this doesn’t take long or much thought, however this will help the executive committee decide upon the winner.

If this sounds like something you wish to get involved with this year then please email volutneerpw4.union@newcastle for more information and to register your club or society. This is a great opportunity to support the community, get your club or society recognised and a chance to win some money. It’s best to sign up early to get a head start.

Good luck!


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