Hour Logging Updates

We are making a few changes to how you log your hours

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This summer we have a few changes happening to our volunteer hour logging programme. We are making some developments and freshening up the NUSU webpages. This will mean we will be temporarily putting a pause on digitally logging your volunteering hours.

You can continue to log your hours until Thursday 30th June, from the 1st of July until the 8th of August please keep a log of your own volunteering hours manually, you can do this by creating a spread sheet, writing notes on a piece of paper, or even downloading the template linked below.

As usual you only need to log the hours which we don’t log for you (we will log the activities which are internally managed by Go Volunteer if someone in your opportunity/activity takes a register). Anything external, club or society or anything else log yourself. If you need to clarify which hours to log, please email us on

When the developments are completed in August you can then log on, find your way, and back log your hours from the summer.

We will be posting video tutorials on how to navigate the refreshed pages and how to log your hours and of course members of the team are always available to give a helping hand or answer any questions.


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