I.T. on the Move Summer Sessions

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I.T. on the Move

I.T. on the Move is back for summer! We need your help teaching older people how to navigate the world of online. From Facebook posts to sending an email, technology is one of the primary ways we connect with friends and family. Unfortunately, lack of skill means that a lot of older people can end up feeling isolated and out of the loop, so our aim is to arm them with the skills to stay in touch online.

There are four sessions happening in July, and you can sign up to one or all of them:

4th July

Skype and Social Media: How to get started.

11th July

Using media features: Camera, photos, music, video, Youtube, downloading.

18th July

Moving and transferring folders and files: e.g. pictures, documents, music. Cutting, copying, pasting and deleting.

2th July and 1st August

1-1 support session looking at individual goals.

*Please note this session will only be suitable for those who have participated in previous sessions.

If you're interested, please contact Phil: volunteercoordinator.union@ncl.ac.uk


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