Maggie's Into Schools Story

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Maggie Elstob the Athletic Union Officer recently visited a school as part of our Into Schools project Raising Aspirations Programme.


On Tuesday 5th March I delivered a Raising Aspirations Programme (RAP) talk to children at West Denton Primary School. In order to make the session more fun, I also delivered a PE lesson to a Y5/6 class of 29 children beforehand. I did a warm up, taught them some coordination and teamwork skills and then did a dodgeball session, before delivering a talk on my passion and career in sport. The emphasis was on how hard work, resilience and taking opportunities are important in achieving goals and to get them thinking about how decisions they make now can really impact and drive the direction of their future. Both the PE lesson and talk were well received, and the feedback I heard from the teachers was that the children really connected with someone closer to their age, and felt they could ask questions as they were comfortable with the speaker. For me, it was great having a group of children who were so enthusiastic and wanted to listen and learn from me, as well as giving me an insight into a career avenue in community sport!


If you would like to do something similar then please let us know. We will help you plan your session, provide materials, cover transport costs and support you however you may need it. 

It is great fun working with children telling your story, it can help improve your public speaking skills and even give you experience volunteering with children.

If you would like to do something similar please email Go Volunteer on 


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