Post Graduate Student Volunteer Opportunity

The recently established Newcastle University Retired Staff Association (NURSA) is looking for a student representative to sit on its Steering Group

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Student Representative on Newcastle University Retired Staff Association Steering Group

The recently established Newcastle University Retired Staff Association (NURSA) is looking for a student representative to sit on its Steering Group. NURSA was launched in early 2019 and, through the University’s Alumni Office, is in contact with around 700 retired staff. It has two broad aims: (i) to help members maintain contact with each other and the University, especially through social, educational, and recreational activities organised by the Steering Group, or through smaller ‘self-organised’ groups; and (ii) to harness the intellectual capital, experience, and networks of retired staff, to support the University and wider community through volunteering.  

Inter-generational cohesion is central to social wellbeing and almost all societal challenges require this perspective. We are looking for a post-graduate student to join the NURSA Steering Group to: (i) give us a better inter-generational perspective in relation to potential projects; (ii) keep us aware of the student community at Newcastle University, and activities relevant to the NURSA agenda; and (iii) act as a link to the NUSU Go Volunteer platform through its Volunteer Coordinator. 

Anyone interested, or who would like to know more, please contact the NURSA Steering Group at and we can arrange a phone conversation or informal zoom meeting with one or two Steering Group members. 

Further Details 

NURSA has a partnership with VOICE  - Valuing Our Intellectual Capital and Experience - a global network of over 8000 individuals and communities, developed in the University to support thinking, research, and innovation on key societal issues ( ) VOICE is run from the University’s National Innovation Centre on Ageing (NICA), and last year helped support over 200 projects across the university, not-for-profit and business sectors. 

We are at an early stage of developing exciting activities (e.g., a series of open online events on ‘Universities and the Common Good’) as well as links with other groups. The position should be of interest to students involved with ageing, inter-generational cohesion, social attitudes, or related fields. If two people wished to share the position to give greater personal flexibility (and broader input), that could work. 

The NURSA Steering Group currently comprises Prof Richard Clay (Current Staff rep), Prof. Bill Clegg, Prof Eric Cross, Prof Jim Edwardson (Chair), Katherine Jacques (VOICE rep), Dr Desa Lilic (Deputy Chair), Rebecca Stobbs (NU Advancement) and Viv Stapley. The SG is expected to meet virtually for an hour about 8-9 times a year at the moment but, like everyone else, we look forward to resumption of face-to-face activities. 


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