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One of the key goals at Parkinson's UK is to improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson's. Making education about Parkinson's available to as many health and social care professionals as possible is one way in which we are working towards this goal. The work of a Volunteer Educator is highly valued by health and social care staff as it helps them to understand the impact of living with Parkinson's.

We will provide training so you can plan and deliver a short one hour presentation on Parkinson's to groups of staff working in care homes and home care agencies in your local area.  This will involve:

• contacting care providers to offer your session and responding to requests for sessions 
• committing to a number of sessions per year to be agreed locally 
• participating in regular support meetings (face to face or by telephone) with your local Volunteer Coordinator
• completing and forwarding monthly reports on your sessions

You will:

• increase your knowledge and understanding of Parkinson's and the work of the charity
• share your knowledge and experience with interested professionals, improving their care for people with Parkinson’s 
• develop your organisational and public speaking skills
• be part of a UK wide organisation that values and recognises the vital contributions of its volunteers

You will:

• ideally have public speaking experience
• be enthusiastic and enjoy speaking to groups
• have an understanding of Parkinson's and the wider work of Parkinson's UK (training will provided on this) and have empathy with the aims of the charity
• be computer literate and have basic administrative and telephone skills, as this role will require you to contact care homes by telephone and/or email to arrange dates and times
• be able to travel within your local area as agreed with the Education Adviser

Before deciding whether this role is for you, you will have the opportunity to speak to an experienced volunteer about what it is like actually doing it! This person (or somebody in a similar role) will be available throughout your early months to provide peer support.

You will receive an induction to the work of the charity and the educational aspects of the volunteering role. This will include the opportunity for familiarisation with the education presentation. You will have the opportunity to see an existing volunteer deliver the presentation and the chance to ask any questions with regard to delivery or content.

You will be encouraged to take part in an online foundation module about Parkinson's (achieving a certificate if completed).

Your Volunteer Coordinator will provide regular contact to ensure you are happy with your volunteering role, and the Education Adviser will be available for on going support or guidance as and when required.

Additional opportunities for training such as presentation skills or IT refreshers will be considered as and when identified.

We ask volunteers to provide details of a referee for some of our volunteer roles. This is to
help us confirm the identity of our volunteers and to build up a better understanding of them.

Volunteer expenses
We believe that no Parkinson’s UK volunteer should find themselves out of pocket because
of expenses incurred when carrying out their volunteering activities on our behalf. As a
volunteer you can claim out-of-pocket expenses in line with Parkinson’s UK’s Volunteer
Expenses Policy.

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