Pencil Case Project

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Cross River Gorilla Project (a conservation charity that aims to protect the critically endangered cross river gorilla in Cameroon) are collecting pencil cases filled with stationery to send to children in Cameroon suffering in a humanitarian crisis. 

We need your help!

More often than not students have too much stationary. Stationary stuffed in the back of drawers, at the bottom of bags, un-opened packets of pens, and all you use is that one pen that you found in the libary, the top is chewed and the lid is missing.

Can you have a rummage through your unused items and find some pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, sharpners, highlighters, colouring pencils, crayons, notebooks, pencil cases ANYTHING.

The stationary does not have to be brand new, it just needs to simply work. 

Please donate your stationery at one of our donation points across campus. to find out more about the project or to locate one of the collection boxes please email Jennie on

Help us support the community who share their homes with the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla!



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