Recruiting Grant Panel Members

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Go Volunteer are now recruiting for students to join our Grant Panel, with £5000 to assign in the 2019-2020 academic year. This was contributed by the Catherine Cookson Foundation, specifically to support student-led, student-focussed volunteering projects that benefit the wider community in some way. Students apply for up to £1000 of this at a time, and we the panel allocate the money to where we think it can make the biggest positive difference. There is a huge diversity in applications, precisely because there are many ways in ways that students can contribute to their community.


Could you be a grants panel member? Skills needed are those which support collective decision-making, evaluation and assessment (including financial assessment). The panel meets when applications need to be assessed, on average 6 times a year, so needs to be flexible to adapt to need. To take part you need to commit to listen to others' views, communicate your own understanding and compromise or amend this when new information comes to light. You need to use negotiation to arrive at a shared judgement: you also need clear communication and an enthusiasm for the diverse ways that students can make a difference. Throughout this process you will be trained and supported by Go Volunteer staff. We follow a fair process that uses a scoring matrix to assess applications. You may also choose to contribute directly in communication with student applicants, with site visits or meetings to consider next steps. 

For more info on the grant scheme follow the link:

To sign up please email Mike on


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