Techy Tea Parties at the City Library

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At the City Library (just 10 minutes walk from campus) friendly computer sessions are run for people who are at risk of social isolation just because they’re not very good with computers. These are usually older people – perhaps with a new laptop or ipad given to them by family. The sessions are run by experienced volunteers, and they are made even better if one or two students are in the room to help.

Sign up to ONE of the following dates and our project worker Mike will then introduce you to the session. If you enjoy it you can sign up for many more – these are ongoing sessions which just need a basic understanding of how to log in / get past the usual popups and problems to access the web and apps. You don’t need to be a computer whizz but will need to be polite, patient, and respond to the older people’s requests. This is a very nice way to pass on some skills back to the older generation, and take a relaxing break from your routine.

Thursdays 1.40 – 3.30pm (session begins 2pm)

16th September

30th September

14th October

28th October

11th November

25th November

9th December

16th December

Contact Mike to volunteer.


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