The Bernicia Building Roof Garden Club

Go Volunteer News

The Garden Club is a new garden volunteering and learning opportunity for students who are interested in growing and the environment.

Hello I am Jon and I have been running community garden projects for Go Volunteer for five years now.

Starting 31st July I will be holding  two gardening sessions every Tuesday Lunchtime at 12 noon and a second at 1 o’clock until 2 o’clock each week.

So why not come along in your lunchbreak?

Learn how to grow vegetables, herbs and wild flowers in raised beds.

Help with seed sowing, planting, harvesting and tasting!

Create a vertical garden/See the solar powered watering system develop

See how recycled materials are used in hydroponic soil- free growing

Share the sunshine with the bees. Come up and chill out.

Because access is restricted at Bernicia I will wait for five minutes at the main door at 12 and 1 o’clock. Don’t be late!!!!!!!


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