Volunteer at Magic Hat Café like Suki!

Read all about Suki's experience volunteering at Magic Hat Café!

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The Magic Hat Café is an eco-conscious and sustainable food cafe that helps eliminate food waste by rescuing surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away; and is made into delicious dishes. Magic Hat has four beliefs: zero waste, connection with food, one planet and magic. This café mixes these elements making delicious food for the community of Newcastle and, in the process, reducing the food that would otherwise go to waste.


I initially got involved with the Magic Hat Café through the NUSU Go Volunteer programme, where I and six other students had the opportunity to cook a meal in the kitchen with one of Magic Hat’s chefs. It was an incredible experience and I immediately fell in love with the café and its concept. Since then, I have signed up for two workshops (front of house and kitchen) and volunteered in the cafe. I have found this experience personally rewarding as it is working in the community, serving the people of Newcastle (with the ingenious pay as you feel concept). The team of staff and volunteers are amazing and who knew how many dishes you could make from cauliflower! 



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