Wanting to volunteer as a group?

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Group volunteering involves 2 or more people coming together to volunteer over one day by delivering a specific set of tasks. The one-off day projects are tailored to each group of volunteers depending on location, skills needed, experience and area of interest as well as any other influences.

There are a variety of themes of group volunteering to try and highlight specific areas of interest.  Included below is a list of the current areas.  Groups volunteers are not limited to this list, it just provides somewhere to start from.  If there is an particular area you are interested in which isn’t included in the list, please let us know and a project can be tailored for you.

  • Litter picking at various locations across Newcastle and Gateshead
  • Gardening and environmental type of activities including tasks within school, community centres and other projects. e.g. community gardens, ponds, litter picking on grounds, painting of play equipment.
  • Helping groups develop their website and social media presence.  Giving advice on logos, or instructions on the best practices etc. or other technical support. Any other type of digital support such as informal training on how to use technology devices such as I pads for example. Training to a group’s regular volunteers or service users around how to use technical devices such as I Pads for example, or PowerPoint or any other type of computer programme.
  • Painting of communal facilities such as community halls, and spaces
  • Helping at lunch groups involving cooking meals, serving food chatting to service users, playing games and clearing away
  • Helping groups to look at their books and other organisational type of support
  • Helping at volunteer task days in the local parks
  • Helping at various food banks and food networks with the preparing of parcels to hand out and sorting of donations.
  • Helping at local charity stores, sorting through donations, window dressing etc. one recent example if some employee volunteers who are artists will be painting a feature on the window of a local charity shop to attract more customers.
  • Getting involved in fund raising events such as activities to support Special Olympics, Gateshead.  These can be dependent upon what each group would like to do but could include, tombolas, raffles, sponsored events, bag packs etc.

If you are a team/club/society at the university looking to volunteer let us know at govolunteer.union@newcastle.ac.uk and we will find the perfect opportunity for you.


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