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Are you interested in supporting people with learning disabilities to get the same access to services and opportunities as everyone else?  Your Voice Counts has a range of volunteer opportunities on offer throughout the organisation.  These include:

  • Citizen advocacy volunteer role:  This role involves a volunteer supporting someone on a one-to –one basis.  They will support individuals to access more within their own community or to help with a particular issue that the individual may have.
  • ­Travel buddying volunteer role: This volunteer role involves volunteers helping individual service users to learn a route on public transport so that they can eventually make the journey independently.
  • ­Group work volunteer – This involves volunteers supporting a large or small group of service users to socialise and take part in activities.
  • Drop in volunteers – This involves volunteers support our drop in sessions where service users can call in and ask any questions or discuss any issues that they may be facing.  For example an individual could bring a Housing letter in that they don’t quite understand.

All the above volunteer roles have their own training and volunteers will be supported throughout their volunteer role with the organisation. 

If you would like any further information on the above volunteer roles please contact


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