Zooniverse competition

A friendly challenge with a chance to win an amazon voucher!

Win some amazon vouchers!

Scientists collect lots of data (especially true for astronomers, conservationists, and historians), but they are not able to analyse it all if it’s in certain forms like images or sound files. That’s where Zooniverse comes in. It’s a website where scientists upload their data and ask millions of volunteers to sort through it for them. The tasks involve categorising, labelling, or mapping anything from galaxies in the night sky to seals on a beach. By participating, you get to learn about a range of different projects, gain experience for your CV and contribute to science.

With lockdowns continuing, there is no better time to conduct citizen science. So we’re organising a competition to classify the most data on Zooniverse.

The concept is simple, if you make an account on then you can see your total classifications on the site by going to profile > your stats.

All you need to do to enter is send a screenshot of your current classifications (will be 0 if you’ve never used the site before) to with your 9 digit student ID number and you will be entered into the competition and can begin classifying on the 25th of Jan!


(How your profile will look)

The start date of the competition is the 25th January, so please try to enter before then. The competition ends on 1st March. By this time you must submit two things to to complete the competition:

  • A screenshot of your final classification total.
  • A short paragraph explaining what you learnt from a project(s) of your choice.

The winner of the competition is the person with the most classifications on Zooniverse, they will win a £30 amazon gift voucher. There are also prizes for 2nd and 3rd place, which will be £20 and £10.

Please ensure that you do not rush classifications as this can result in bad data for scientists. Aim to learn something new and make a meaningful contribution to science projects. Enjoy!


(an image of the seal watch citizen science project)


(an image of the galaxy zoo citizen science project)


If you would like more info or need a hand setting up your profile email Jordan on