Tory 2019/2020 Committee Elected

Picture of the committee 2019/20 Committee Picture

Following our AGM several amendments to the constitution have been voted on and a new executive committee has been elected. The constitution will be made public on Facebook for the first time once the amendment process has been completed and accepted by the SU. Your new committee officers for 2019/20 are as follows:

President: Stephen Dawes

Secretary: Jason Birt

Treasurer: Jamie Hampton

Committee officer: Christopher Winter

Welfare officer: Luigi Murton

Social secretary: Dewi Roberts

International officer: Alexander Cantave

Alumni Officer: Jason Carr

This new committee will be focused on creating a more transparent and formally organised society so that we might increase our membership and ability to hold events. You may notice a more proactive online presence from official society social media over the coming weeks.

The Committee has already met several times and plans to meet frequently in the future. Issues discussed at the last meeting include:

-Complete administrative reorganisation;

-A re-vamp of all social media and an increase in activity on all channels, as well as making new channels;

-New branding and logos for the Society;
Training for executive roles;

-The end of year dinner;

-Creation of welfare and handover documents to ensure safety and long term organisation;

-The impending local elections.

If you have any questions or need something raised with committee please just message any officer listed above or the Facebook page.

Best regards,

The new Committee.


Latest News

NUSU elections successful despite virus

Despite the closure of campus midway through, NUSU elections have been successful. As usual our political wing has been active in this process, for the first time however, the 1963 Committee asked candidates to stand directly rather than simply supporting those that do. This is part of a broader policy shift towards a party style ethos of standing a candidate in every election regardless of the chances of success.

2019 Ends - Conservative Society

As our first semester comes to an end we do hope that all of you reading have had a good and pleasant term here at Newcastle and that NUCS has had a positive role in said time. It is now the season where we should look to hold friends and family close and the committee would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We hope that our humble society might have allowed you to form such friendships over your time here and we look forward to seeing you again in the next term.

Pint and Policy Provides Unlikely Debate Motions

This year’s inaugural pint and policy freshers' mixer has provided the society with a number of avenues to explore regarding nationalisation of public services, Arming the police, the death penalty and the governments new proposed deal with the EU.

Summer dinner roaring success

With guests coming from York, Sheffield, Durham, Northumberland and Northumbria University an amazing evening was had by all. Port and wine flowed and songs were sung in the Northern Counties Private members club as the society and its honoured friends sat down to a luxurious three course meal.
Speeches, laughter and toasts echoed off the walls as did the national anthem. All were agreed that the evening was a roaring success- a fitting joint effort of the outgoing committee and the incoming.

Conservatives at Freshers' Fair

Join NUCS at Freshers' Fair 2019 in Venue this Monday 23rd of September and Tuesday 24th September from 10-4. Speak to our committee members, sign up to our communications and Join our society. If for any reason you cannot make it to the fair please don't hesitate to reach out to us for information on joining. Find us on the 3rd of October for our first social of the year.