Information about the new voting system.

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Information for Council members and Casual Place voters.

The way you vote in Council wil be changing from February. We will be saying goodbye to the Turning Point clickers and hello to online voting with OMBEA.  Council members and those with casual places will be asked to vote using a smart device.

The OMBEA response system integrates with Microsoft® PowerPoint® and allows students to participate in voting by submitting responses using their own device (smartphone, tablet, laptop). OMBEA then translates the responses into results that are displayed within your presentation.

To get connected to the voting session you will be asked to launch The ResponseApp page loads up and asks for the Session ID that will be given out when you sign in for Council. The Session ID can then be entered and when Join is clicked you will be ready to have your vote on the proposed motions.

There will be lots of opportunities to let us know if you do not have a suitable device. We can supply a limited amount of devices should they be needed. 

We will have some charging packs for use but it will be your responsibilty to make sure your device has enough charge.

Any questions? Please get in touch.



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