Was love in the air during Valentine’s Council?

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Did Valentine’s Council get you right in the feels? If you were too busy with your own valentine plans and missed the meeting you can catch up here.

The NUSU Annual General Meeting (AGM) kicked off the evening with ratification of Trustees of the Students’ Union, appointment of the auditors, end of year accounts, to receive the Impact Report, and to Consider and approve  Constitutional amends over the past 12 months.

The AGM was followed by the Council meeting.  The Chair gave notices to Council and encouraged the attendees to fill in the newly introduced feedback forms.  Feedback gathering is just one way in which the Chair is promoting Council and is part of the programme of events to support students with an interest in student politics.  

The reports were accepted and the meeting moved onto motions…….

Constitutional Motions – Require a 2/3rds majority

Motion on VACANT PTO POSITION ELECTIONS called for a less confusing procedure when electing PTO roles outside of the annual elections.  

Result – Fell  

54% Yes  46% No  (4 abstentions)

Motion to RENAME ‘STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES OFFICER’ TO ‘DISABILITY OFFICER’  passed with an impressive 86% Yes vote. A procedural motion to alter the name to ‘Disabled Students Officer’ failed to pass and therefore the name will change to the proposers preference ‘Disability Officer’. This will follow the national guidance of identity first language.

Result- Passed

86% Yes 14% No (8 abstentions)

Ordinary Motions – Require simple majority (51%+).

Motion on FOOD WASTE BINS IN THE NEWCASTLE CAMPUS LIBRARIES resolved to lobby the University to put specific food waste bins in the student libraries, in order to create a more efficient use of food waste.

Result – Passed

100% Yes (4 abstentions)

Motion on MORE WATER FACILITIES IN NUSU passed. This means that NUSU will investigate ways of installing more free water facilities in the SU and NUSU Central. Good news for thirsty students!

Result- Passed

95% Yes 5% No (7 abstentions)

Jamie Cameron brought back the Motion on “ADVOCATING USE OF THE SEARCH ENGINE ECOSIA AS NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY’S AND NUSU’S DEFAULT SEARCH ENGINE TO IMPROVE SUSTAINABILITY and was happy to be “reunited with Ecosia on Valentine’s Day”. Unfortunately the love for this motion was not felt by all. However, Jamie vowed to reconnect with the idea and return to the May Council meeting for another attempt.

Result – Fell

70% No 30% Yes 5 Abstentions

The meeting ended on a positive. The 2 raffle winners headed down to Luther’s Bar, feeling warm inside and thinking of ways to spend their INTU voucher!

If you did miss the meeting, you can watch back NUTV's coverage of the meeting here. You can also see the full text for all the motions passed here.  

Don't forget, the next meeting of Student Council is on March 14th, History Room, 5.15pm and if you would like to submit a motion, make sure you do before 10am on 1 March. You can also join us for our Motion Writing session on 20 February.



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