What happened at the first Student Council of 2018-19?

Council starts with a bang!

The first NUSU Student Council meeting of 2018-19, started the year with more motions than we knew what to do with.

10 motions were submitted, 8 were heard and 2 moved back to the November meeting. Democracy lives!

Council started by passing the‘Abstentions at Council’ motion that agreed that abstentions at Student Council should no longer effectively count as a “No” vote when votes are counted.  From now on abstentions will be counted and noted but not included in the calculating of the vote. The standing order ‘If the number of abstentions exceeds the number of votes for and against a motion, the motion shall not be passed, or reopened in the same meeting. It must be brought before the next meeting’ remains Council policy.

The motion to update the Housing Policy passed with an impressive 96% YES (1 abstention). This gives an up to date working policy for Officers to use when developing strategy in tackling the many issues students face in the private rented sector.

An amazingly close vote for the 403 Motion on Placing It Happens Here back on Changing the Culture Prevention and Education work stream. A 49% YES, 51% NO vote, means that It Happens Here Society will not be re-attending the University work stream. This was obviously disappointing for those in favour and part of the Society. However, Jack Green, Welfare and Equality Officer, will be organising the first NUSU working group meeting soon and It Happens Here will be top of the invite list.

In summary

301 Motion on ‘Abstentions at Council’ – Passed

302 Motion to be able to delegate ex-officio votes – Passed

401 Equal Opportunity Societies Motion – Passed

402 Motion on Update to Housing Policy – Passed

403 Motion on Placing It Happens Here back on Changing the Culture Prevention and Education work stream – Fell

404 Motion on ‘NUSU to support calls for a legislative ban of “Essay Mills” companies’ – Passed

Thanks to NUTV you can watch/re-watch all of the action here.

Don't forget to join us for the next meeting of Student Council, which will take place on Thursday 15 November, 5.15pm in the History Room, 1st Floor NUSU and if you would like to vote and are not currently a member make sure you register for a casual place. Plus, if you have an idea that you would like discussing at Student Council, make sure you submit a motion.


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