Positive Volunteering Stories

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We want to share some positivity and give a shout out to those who are out there doing some good work during these hard times. If you want us to give you a shout out or know someone who is doing some great work drop us an email on


Eleanor Norton

Eleanor is currently volunteering with the Burnhope Village Support Group during the Covid-19 crisis. Our group is registered with Covid Mutual Aid UK and is supported by the County Durham Community Foundation. Eleanor and her mother set up the group; and is involved in the admin work, shopping for the vulnerable, emergency food parcel packing and delivery, and dog walking for a lady who is shielding.

“We have 26 members in our group who assist the vulnerable in our village by collecting prescriptions (these volunteers are DBS checked), doing their shopping, posting letters, preparing and delivering food parcels, dog walking and conducting friendly phone calls to make sure everyone is well. Members of the group are also helping out with AgeUK. We received a grant from the County Durham Community Foundation to allow us to support those in the village - this money has gone towards buying food for the emergency food parcels for those in need. 

I currently walk a lovely spaniel called Ruby for a lady who is shielding, and we are usually out for about 30 minutes to an hour each night, come rain or shine! I'm also involved in packing and delivering the emergency food parcels. Every Sunday, 4 of us pack 6 food parcels and 4 household essential parcels to distribute throughout the week. I'm also in charge of taking an inventory every Sunday to ensure stocks are being kept up. I'm in charge of deliveries on Fridays and Saturdays. The food parcel process takes up to two and a half hours a week. We also have a weekly zoom meeting (the last one was 2 hours) to ensure everything is going smoothly, to make sure procedures are being followed, to talk about funding and to have a catch up with all the volunteers. 

Meghana Palipane

My name is Meghana and I am a final year student of BA Hons Education. I live in Carlisle with my parents in an apartment block where most of our neighbours are elderly people who have all been self-isolating during the lockdown. From them, I offered to help one vulnerable couple and lady by doing their grocery shopping at the nearby supermarket and getting their weekly local newspaper. I have been doing this for the past six weeks. What has made me do this is my passion to help anybody of any age and background in addition the motivating gratitude and appreciation the people I have volunteered to help have shown. Also, my dad is an orthopaedic surgeon and the Clinical Director of patient city in the Carlisle hospital, so I wanted to do my part of helping in a non-medical way. I even had the honour of getting the surprise birthday cake for the wife of the couple!


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Positive Volunteering Stories

We want to share some positivity and give a shout out to those who are out there doing some good work during these hard times. Take a look at some of our spotlighted vounteers.

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