Volunteering with Team Kenya Society

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Who are we?

The Team Kenya society works closely with the charity of the same name whose mission is to support gender equality in rural Kenya through education. They work with schools and communities to tackle barriers that prevent girls from accessing education.

As a society, we work to promote the charity and fundraise to keep women and girls safe and in education.


Why get involved?

We hold fortnightly meetings and regular socials and fundraisers. So it is a great place to meet new people and have fun whilst volunteering for a good cause. At the moment all our fundraisers are online due to COVID-19. But we have some amazing events planned for you all.


Trip to Kenya!

Being a member of the society also gives you the chance to see all the amazing work that Team Kenya has done in the village of Ndhiwa in person, as the charity runs a trip to Kenya every year.


If you’re interested memberships are now available to buy and don’t forget to follow our social media to keep up to date!


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Volunteering with Team Kenya Society

Support gender equality in rural Kenya through education

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