Mental Health Charter

Mental Health in Sport

Newcastle University Students' Union in conjunction with the University Sports Centre, is delighted to announce that they support the Mental Health Charter for Sports and Recreation.


As a signatory of the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation we are committed to taking action across the following six areas:

  1. Use our sport to promote good mental health and wellbeing
  2. Adopt good mental health policies and best practices
  3. Appoint ambassadors and role models
  4. Tackle discrimination on the grounds of mental health
  5. Support a pan-sport platform to develop and share resources and best practice
  6. Throughout all of this we should regularly monitor our performance


Liam Isaac, Inclusive Sport Coordinator commented "In partnership with our Inclusive Newcastle sport programme we want to encourage and establish a culture which promotes positive mental health by increasing knowledge and understanding, the difficulties faced and the support that is available".

Introducing Welfare Officers to Athletic Union Clubs has already begun and this will continue to be encouraged over the academic year. Welfare Officers will receive training and workshops on mental health, anti-doping, disability and nutrition, with further initiatives and campaigns such as Earn Your Stripes, BUCS Pledge Cards and Mind the Gap supporting the action plan.

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