Important info for Student-Staff Committees

What needs to be completed this last term

During the last couple of months of the academic year, student-staff committees have a couple of things that they need to complete where possible and appropriate.

Annual Reports

Towards the end of the year, and according to the Student Representation Policy, each SSC is required to complete and Annual Report. The purpose of the report is to review what the committee has achieved during the year, whilst highlighting what is still unresolved.

What the Student Chair and Secreatry, along with the committee's Staff Facilitator need to do is complete the SSC Annual Report template and then take it to the final SSC of the year to discuss and finalise. This form can then be circulated with the final minutes as a review of the year. Then next year at the first SSC, it can be used as an introductory item to highlight to the new committee what has previously been achieved and what was left unresolved from this year. In addition to sending it to your committee members, we would ask that you send the finalised report to the Students’ Union, so we can pass it on to the Education Officer, so they can represent the views of the committee where possible when attending University meetings, promote some of your committee's achievements and use it to compile a report, looking into what SSCs have achieved over the year. 

Chair and Secretary Elections

For SSCs that cover the traditional academic year and are not exclusively to for one year programmes, during the final meeting of the year it would be great if elections for next year’s Student Chair (and Deputy Student Chairs & Student Secretary if there is interest) were held. The main reason for having the elections now is that it allows the new Chairs and Secretaries to be ready to start in their respective roles for the first SSC next year. Once elected, please send the names to us at the Students' Union for our records and to invite them to training.


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