NUSU Affordability 2018

Me with my meal deal

Over the year, I have been working hard to make your money go further at Newcastle University. Here are just a few examples of what has been achieved so far.  


Rent Paper

Back in October, I prevented a 3.5% rent rise for St Mary’s Hall of Residence ensuring students that want the most affordable options of accommodation remain available. I have also been assured that the redeveloped Marris House and Castle Leazes will remain in the same price bands, ensuring value for money.

Food Price Reduction

I have helped secured meal deals and discounts for our students which have saved students over £10,000 across Eat@Newcastle Outlets. By analysing VAT exemptions on food, NUSU have be able to lobby the University to revise costs. I’m a firm believer that our students are partners in education, not customers, so I will continue to work to ensure this is the case.

Sports Membership

With the sports strategy up for review, I have had assurances that the system of sports membership is looked at, ensuring that it is no longer prohibitively expensive. I look forward to sharing the actual student saving when further details of the strategy come out.

St Mary’s Buses

NUSU’s interest in affordability and the cost of living has filtered through to transport. We have secured a £34,000 investment in student travel which provides totally free access to the 36 and 63 buses for St Mary’s students, seven days a week. St Mary’s is supposed to be the most affordable hall, but students were arriving £150 out of pocket due to bus transport. Thanks to the work of the Sabbatical Officer Team and Students’ Union Council, these students now have free, good quality travel. Find out more here

Microwaves in Union

I’m proud to say that I was able to put a microwave on the level three hub of the students Union. Buying lunch can be expensive, so hopefully by using the microwave students will be able save money and heat up their pre-made food.

Opposition to Placement Fee Increases

Placements work for students looking to get into a range of industries, and that’s why we strongly opposed fee increases of 76% increase for domestic students and 400% for international students. By securing student representation on Student Finance Committee for the first time ever, I was able to scrutinise this change before implementation.

YourGuarantor – Supporting students when signing on a house

Welfare & Equality Officer Sarah Craggs has been instrumental in implementing YourGuarantor, which offers students without access to a UK based guarantor. This means that all students will be able to sign for houses in residential areas like Heaton, Sandyford and Jesmond, irrespective of circumstance.

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