GIAG Face Yoga review

When the Dermatology Society arranged Face Yoga sessions with Give It A Go – I was very intrigued! I love yoga, but I had never even heard of Face Yoga before! I was even more intrigued by the description of the practice claiming it to help to reduce wrinkles (something that now I’m in my 30’s really caught my attention!).

The first session I attended was the introduction to Face Yoga – delivered virtually over Zoom by Face Yoga instructor Ivana (who was coming to us live from Macedonia!). The explanation of the benefits of Face Yoga was fascinating – strengthening muscles that aren’t used everyday, helping to create symmetry and reduce the tension in any overworked muscles that create wrinkles! With a background in fitness, sports massage and sport science – this made complete sense to me and I was already hooked!

Ivana then showed us some yoga techniques to stretch and strengthen the face and neck. Some of the moves were quite peculiar and I was glad I had my curtains closed in my living room so passers by couldn’t see my expressions! It was certainly a laugh though and I could feel that I had given the muscles in my face a real work out!

The second half of the session was a super relaxing face and neck massage – aimed at relieving tension in the muscles. Ivana suggested that we use face cream or oil for this and she demonstrated and talked us through the massage techniques using fingers, knuckles, pressure points and tapping. It really was soooooooo relaxing!

I was so pleased that I had attended this session and I soon booked on to the Face Yoga series of 4 workshops where Ivana took us through a more detailed practice for the different areas of the face and neck. Each session also ended with the relaxing massage too!

These are some of the best sessions I’ve attended this year and I looked forward to them each week! It was great to learn something new, but most of all I felt so relaxed after each session. Ivana is a great instructor and Give It A Go have organised more sessions with her for next term too!

I would highly recommend Face Yoga and if you’re looking for a relaxing and different activity – this is definitely for you!