GIAG Virtual Book Swap review

Have you been to the Give It A Go Virtual Book Swap? Read Ally's review of our most recent event....

We recently held a book swap – a twist on the traditional book swap as we had to do it virtually, bringing instead of physical books some recommendations, current reads, and books on our to-be-read lists giving us a chance to discuss all thing books! Although we couldn’t bring physical books to swap, we could show off our physical copies of current reads and have other books nearby to recommend to others.

Although everyone else who attended preferred fantasy books, whereas I love chick-lit and non-fiction (two very different genres, I know!), I was still able to find some common ground and even managed to get some recommendations of fantasy books I could read which were not as intense and easier for me to get into than a full fantasy book series. I also got the chance to discuss some books I loved, meaning we talked about a really wide range of genres.

I discussed some books I had been reading, expressed how hard I had been finding it to read in between university work and life in general, and was given some great advice and books to help me get out of that slump. I’m hoping I can use Easter to re-kindle my love for reading, as I think everyone needs a bit of escapism right now and I find it a great way to unwind after a particularly stressful day.

We had some great feedback from the session too, which I was really happy with! I’m glad everyone else had as good a time as me (though my bank balance has definitely taken a bit of a battering!) and enjoyed a chance to talk all things books, especially the chance to show off some of their favourite books.

I can’t wait for the next session – hopefully we’ll see some familiar faces and some new ones so we can have a really great discussion about books and get some more recommendations.