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As the 29th of March has passed us by and the ease of coronavirus restrictions is starting to take place, it’s fair to say that the hope for a restriction free summer is palpable. But amongst the hope and excitement is an increasing wave of anxiety, whether that be about end of year deadlines, exams or finally being able to out again. The easing of restrictions poses its own worries for some because experiencing change can be stressful. It’s important to take your time and do things at your own pace. If this is you, you are not alone. According to the mental health charity, Mind, 73% of students said their mental health declined during lockdown. Roman Kemp’s recent documentary “Our Silent Emergency,” has sparked the conversation surrounding mental health and checking up on your friends; the documentary reveals that something as simple as telling someone that you’re there for them can be really important to someone who is struggling.

Tips for coping:

  • Talk to your friends, family or somebody you trust! (Roman Kemp documentary)
  • Newcastle University Student Health and Wellbeing Services: offer free counselling appointments during term and holiday time and NUSU's Student Advice Centre provide independent support
  • Silvercloud – available free of charge to Newcastle University students. Silver cloud offers secure, immediate access to online CBT programmes tailored to your specific needs. It has high improvement rates for depression, anxiety and also offers help for body image
  • Be cautious with news and information; whilst it is important to keep updated with what is going on in the world it can make you feel more worried – a great twitter account to follow for good news about covid is  (@coronavirusgoodnews) it’s a great account that shows you how far we’ve come over the course of the pandemic which provides positive and uplifting updates
  • Distractions: distractions are everything when you’re not feeling your best and it can be hard to motivate yourself to do anything but honestly its worth it! If you or a friend is struggling why not go for a walk together or get involved with some of the programmes put on by GIAG, follow the Instagram page, @nusugiveitago  for updates on weekly activities.

GIAG Upcoming Events:

  • Beginners Yoga - every Tuesday
  • Mindfulness - every Monday and Wednesday
  • Face Yoga - weekly starting 12th May

The message around mental health is clear; support your friends and loved ones, reach out to those who you know are struggling or who you are worried about but also those who don’t show any signs of struggle because you may not always know the true mental state of your friends. If you’re feeling burnt out, unmotivated, worried, stressed or overwhelmed please speak out.  When we come together, we can change attitudes so let’s speak up and start the conversation to end the stigma surrounding mental health.

Important resources:

Professor Rory O’Connor’s six step safety plan for people who feel at risk of harming themselves which aims to identify warning signs and techniques to keep someone safe

Newcastle University Student Health and Wellbeing service


Students Against Depression

Beat Eating Disorders: 


Instagram accounts for eating disorder recovery:




Student Space 

It’s good to talk (BACP)