February Society of the Month: Anime Society

Anime Society!

Time to announce this month’s society of the month! 

Congratulations to Anime Society! 

Anime Society has worked incredibly hard this year to raise money for charity and to keep up a community feel for their members. 

This month, Anime Society did a Charity Streaming Week on Twitch, which allowed members to showcase their passions and hobbies, which raised £328 in donations! This impressive amount went to York Mind, who support recoveries of individuals with mental illnesses. This is an amazing feat and something they should be incredibly proud of!

Anime has also put particular emphasis on welfare this month, holding weekly virtual fitness sessions to help improve the physical and mental health of members, as well as giving their Welfare Officer time to check in on their members.  Creating a community feel has also been a focus this month, with Anime organising a monthly virtual cooking workshop. They have also collaborated with other societies, such as Karaoke and Pokemon, to allow members to meet new people during lockdown.

Well done to Anime! You’ve done amazing work and it’s been really inspiring hearing how you’re keeping up a community feel, keeping your members connected in what can be a really lonely time.

If you’d like to nominate your/a society for Society of the Month, please email me at with a couple of paragraphs on why that society should win by the 25th March.