A list of all shows performed since 1952

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1952: Trial By Jury
1953: HMS Pinafore/ Trial By Jury
1954: The Pirates of Penzance
1955: Iolanthe
1956: The Gondoliers
1957: The Yeomen of the Guard
1958: Patience
1959: The Mikado
1960: Ruddigore
1961: Iolanthe
1962: The Gondoliers
1963: Princess Ida/ The Pirates of Penzance
1964: Trial By Jury/ Cox and Box/ Patience
1965: Princess Ida
1966: The Pirates of Penzance
1967: Iolanthe/ Trial By Jury
1968: Patience/ The Gondoliers
1969: The Mikado
1970: The Pirates of Penzance/ Ruddigore
1971: HMS Pinafore
1972: Ruddigore
1973: The Yeomen of the Guard/ Humbug
1974: The Mikado
1975: Iolanthe
1976: Ruddigore/ Cinderella
1977: Patience/ Father Christmas
1978: Trial By Jury/ Concert/ The Grand Duke/ The Demon Alcoholic
1979: Iolanthe/ Ages Ago/ Concert/ Phantom of the Opera
1980: The Sorcerer/ Cox and Box/ The Union Jack
1981: Fantasia on British Sea Songs/ HMS Pinafore
1982: The Yeomen of the Guard
1983: The Pirates of Penzance
1984: The Mikado
1985: Iolanthe
1986: Princess Ida/Ages Ago/ Trial By Jury/ Cox and Box
1987: The Gondoliers/ Cox and Box/ The Zoo
1988: The Grand Duke/ Wicked Waxworks
1989: The Pirates of Penzance/ Pirates II: The Pirates Strike Back!
1990: The Yeomen of the Guard/ Trial By Jury/ The Philanderer
1991: HMS Pinafore/ Modern Girls/ The Zoo
1992: Iolanthe/ The Wreckers of Red Rock
1993: The Mikado/ Robin Hood an His Merry Persons
1994: Patience/ Wicked Waxworks
1995: The Gondoliers/ The Philanderer/ Mutiny on the Pinafore/ Trial By Jury
1996: The Pirates of Penzance/ The Wreckers of Red Rock
1997: The Sorcerer/ Cox and Box/ Murder at the Savoy
1998: Utopia Limited/ Phantom of the Opera
1999: Iolanthe
2000: HMS Pinafore/ The Chieftain
2001: The Mikado/ Concert
2002: Fallen Fairies
2003: Patience
2004: The Hot Mikado
2005: The Pirates of Penzance
2006: The Gondoliers
2007: The Sorcerer/ Dracula Unhinged
2008: The Mikado/ The House of Almost Certain Death
2009: Patience/ How to Marry an Aristocrat
2010: HMS Pinafore/ A Tale of Liquor and Dice
2011: The Grand Duke/ HMS Pinafore: The War Years
2012: The Pirates of Penzance/ A Tale of Two Hamlets
2013: Princess Ida/ Dystopia Ltd.
2014: Iolanthe/ The True Hist’ry of Constance M
2015: The Yeomen of the Guard/ Dorothy’s Adventures in Oz
2016: Patience/ Naughty Nancy
2017: Ruddigore/Frankenstein
2018: The Pirates of Penzance/Peter Pan


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