Check out the Student Advice Centre WINS of Term 2

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Check out our wins below!

Have you ever wondered what type of things the Student Advice Centre does to support students? Or what students think of our service? Well now you can find out! We have compiled a list of wins, which you can read below, to showcase the type of work we do and why we are proud to be doing it!

Here are our wins:

  • SAC settled student contract dispute with advertising portal, resulting in a payment of £250 as a gesture of good will.
  • SAC supported student in applying for a student hardship fund, resulting in a payment of over £1000.
  • SAC supported student in getting refunded council tax bills, which were collected in error.
  • As a result of the SAC's support, disrepairs in a property were dealt with and HMO licence was put in place following the Council's intervention.
  • Issues with noise from neighbouring halls were resolved following a student complaint to the property manager.
  • SAC assisted a student in finding alternative accommodation after being unable to access the property they signed for.
  • A case was reported to Trading Standards for Misrepresentation & Breach of the Tenant Fee Act. This resulted in £360 holding deposit being returned.
  • The SAC successfully challenged unauthorised access and breach of contract by an agent.
  • SAC assisted student in securing accommodation after eviction notice was served.
  • Student was saved £2800 after being released from a tenancy agreement.
  • SAC supported student in getting disrepairs in household fixed.
  • Successful student apepal resulted in dissertation extension.

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about the Student Advice Centre, or want to speak to an adviser, check out our webpage at 


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