Covid-19 and Renting: Guidance for Landlords & Tenants

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Looking Living Leaving 2020

For all of your Housing questions the Student Advice Centre are online all year round to support you.
Check out NUSU's Housing Advisers' hints and tips, and make sure you know fact from fiction before you start looking for next year's housing.

Student Advice Centre: Microsoft Teams appointments

The Student Advice Centre is online!
Our advisers are providing Microsoft Teams: chat, video and audio call appointments.
You can download Microsoft Teams on your phone & computer, or you can open it in most browsers.

Behind the Books

The Mental Health Foundation are launching the new #BehindtheBooks university campaign, which aims to help uni students talk about their mental health, to recognise when they’re struggling, to provide tips on ways to cope, and to normalise the ups and downs of uni life.

Keep on track with your deposit returns

Follow the advice below or get in touch with the Student Advice Centre if you need extra support.