Important Update: Fixed Penalty Notices

Terrace Housing An Important Update



Any  student who has been individually identified and cautioned identified by Police as breaching COVID-19 restrictions in Semester 1 will have been reported to the University and the Fixed Penalty Unit (FPU). The FPU will have requested that the Criminal Records Office (ACRO) issue the Penalty Notice to pay a fine. This will most likely have been your term time address.  There is an option to pay this at a lower rate if paid within a specific time.   If you have not returned to your term time address you may be unaware this notice has been served on you and not only miss out on the early repayment window but also be at risk of action within the Magistrates Court if you miss the overall deadline for payment

Due to the number of phone queries, they have asked that students email* to arrange the FPN's re-issue. This mailbox will be live from 15th January 2021. Please include the following:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Address the fine was issued to
  • The new address

* This email is not suitable for sending a general enquiry if you are not sure.  That will just slow the processing down.

Once they have been contacted they will then consider a request to re-issue the fine to an alternative address that you are likely to be residing at for the next few weeks.   If you have any concerns contact the Student Progress Team or NUSU’s Student Advice Centre.




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