Finding a group to share housing with 2021/22

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If you haven’t sorted or decided about accommodation for 21/22 Academic Year, please don’t panic.  In fact, we would strongly advise that students do not sign up to tenancies more than 3 months in advance of the tenancy starting

You might have been living in Halls and only met the people you currently live with and decide you don’t want to particularly live with them next year but feel you have limited options.  Typically, students share housing, but this is not everyone’s preference.  Think carefully about what you want beforehand.  It has been very difficult for many students to meet a range of people.  Take some time to consider your housing options and read the NUSU Housing Guide section on ‘Looking’ for some tips.   If you want to discuss with the Student Advice Centre Housing Adviser you can book here .  If you are struggling generally with what is going on, reach out to a variety of services there to help via the NUSU Covid Hub which includes links events, volunteering and support services and the University Wellbeing team.

The Coronavirus has seen a huge number of students already living in the private rented sector want to end their tenancies in both 19/20 and 20/21 because they don’t want to take up their tenancies or have been unable to return due to restrictions.  This, however, has not automatically ended the tenancy or the liability for rent. So, it is important to only make a decision that you are prepared to be bound by, regardless of the circumstances.  Housing providers and landlords will now expect you to be aware of those risks before signing. 

If you are struggling to establish a group but want to share here are some suggestions to help you:



  • Looking to just fill a room in a house where a group is already formulated but someone wants to ‘drop out’, look on NUSU’s Rooms to Rent page.


  • Private halls usually let by the room and don’t require a group before singing up.  They are typically city centre based and cost slightly more money. This is not dissimilar to applying to the University and being allocated a room in a shared apartment.   Some Halls can also offer studios. 


  • Most of the private houses/flats/maisonettes/apartments are let by landlords/agents who want you to present as a formulated group before trying to find you a property.  Please be aware this will be to sign a joint tenancy where you will be each liable for each other i.e. if one person doesn’t pay the rent you are all not paying the rent and are each and all pursuable for the money and usually so are your guarantors. This can be a concern when you might not have even met each other.


  • Some agents and landlords will consider letting the shared houses on individual tenancies as the Spring/Summer approaches.  They will try to fill properties on a room by room basis not unlike a University or private hall.  You will have to ask the landlord/agent if they have any properties they will let on this basis. 


  • Some agents have also indicated to us that if you have managed to find a small group but want to live in a larger group, they might let the rooms in a bigger house e.g. if you are a group of 3 but want to share with more they can let the rooms in an 5/6/7/8+ property if they have this available. 


This can get tricky and complicated when signing with people you don’t know or know very well.  Guarantors get particularly anxious so if you want advice contact the Student Advice Centre - you can book here or read our Housing Advice pages








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Finding a group to share housing with 2021/22

If you haven’t sorted or decided about accommodation for 21/22 Academic Year, please don’t panic. In fact, we would strongly advise that students do not sign up to tenancies more than 3 months in advance of the tenancy starting.

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