Check out the Student Advice Centre WINS of Term 1

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Check out our wins below!

Have you ever wondered what type of things the Student Advice Centre does to support students? Or what students think of our service? Well now you can find out! We have compiled a list of wins, which you can read below, to showcase the type of work we do and why we are proud to be doing it!

Here are our wins:

  • Student received payout after SAC rectified mistake made by Student Loan Company
  • SAC supports students in multiple Academic appeals through term 1
  • SAC enabled a 1st year student to stay on course by helping solve a late loan payment issue
  • SAC provided debt advice meaning release of money promised from external company
  • SAC helped a student with private renting issue
  • Students were supported in decision-making between private housing and private halls
  • Student commented on how "slick " the SAC were - get us!
  • SAC explains Private Hall COVID cancellation policy and why a student was not eligible for a refund
  • A students tenancy agreement was not as watertight as they thought!  SAC notices clause that enabled release 
  • Students supported in tenancy deposit deduction challenge.  Agent only keeps £20!
  • SAC help student with liability for 2 tenancies saving £5.5k!
  • 9 Students supported to remain on course via upheld appeals by the Academic Adviser
  • Students gets tenancy deposit back after SAC intervention with Agent
  • £3000 awarded to student after a complaint was agreed!
  • letting agents used wrong industry logos on website misleading students to their professionalism - SAC intervention meant the logos were removed!
  • The method to report HMOs for students was improved on council website due to SAC's input
  • A student from London campus was helped with rent arrears, meaning they could stay in their accommodation and remain on their course
  • Student Loan Company fraud issue resolved for student with SAC intervention full funding restored!
  • Student presenting with mental health concerns signposted to suitable services by SAC, follow up and support received as a result

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about the Student Advice Centre, or want to speak to an adviser, check out our webpage at 


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