Student Money Tips 2020

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Our advisers have come up with some useful tips to help you manage your money. 


Money Habits: Tips for getting rid of bad money habits.

  1. Stop spending on the go. 
  2. Plan your meals out, and don't go food shopping on an empty stomach.
  3. Invest in a reusable water bottle (save the planet and your wallet).
  4. Walk instead of using public transport, and if you have to use public transport for long distance journeys try to book in advance.
  5. Consider whether something is a want or a need.

Are you a Super Saver?: if not, consider adopting some of these habits. 

  1. Do you look in charity shops (in person and online)?
  2. Do you take freebies (for example, at hotels and Uni events)?
  3. Do you buy basic food at the supermarket? 
  4. Do you ask for student discount (and check when shopping online)?
  5. Do you look for coupon codes online?

Budget Gifting: don't bankrupt yourself giving to others.

  1. Consider making presents. As well as saving money, it adds a personal touch and the process can be calming.
  2. Get creative with wrapping. Reuse gift bags, and consider gifting something that can be used as wrapping (like scarves). 
  3. Look in the sales, and try planning ahead rather than buying last minute.
  4. Consider doing secret santa with your friends, family, or household. Only buying one present will save you loads!
  5. Consider shopping at local businesses, and sending gift vouchers for local businesses. 

Festive Fraud: don't be a pudding this Christmas!

  1. Use shops you know. 
  2. If you see a holiday deal that's too good to be true, maybe it is. 
  3. Check E-Gift Cards for viruses. 
  4. Check for counterfeit goods. 
  5. If you're getting a loan, only do so from reputable banks


If you need further budgeting advice, or want to discuss anything with a finance adviser check out our finance pages and use our online form to book in. 


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Student Money Tips 2020

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