A Jolly Holly Council

Mired by technical issues the last council of 2021 was full of happy and fun vibes.

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Mired by technical issues the last council of 2021 was full of happy and fun vibes.

The final council session of 2021 while hit with technical issues that meant those joining counicl online were unable to see council and those wathcing the NUTV livestream unable to hear council had a great fun vibe as people were looking forward to the end of term and the festive period.

As always we had an upbeat and energtic State of Union report from President Hutchingson detailing the efforts and achivments of the Sabbatical Officer over December,  

Next with it being the final council of term 1 we werre treated to the end of term reports from your Sabbatical and Liberation Officers, followed by questions

Questions included:

George Wood asked if a more detailed report on work around spiking could be brought to the next Council. Briana Gordhan said they would be happy to give more info, not sure if a report could happen can do an update though and welcomed any views on this work also.

Amelia Simm asked for more info on LGBT safe space. Briana Gordhan is working with George Wood on this, getting feedback on what people would want in room, Bri explained this will be in Frederick Douglass Centre and will be open to any LGBT students to use. 

Alex Walker asked for an update on the Freedom of Information request required as a result of their motion passed at last Council. Livia Scott said this was currently with the University and Sabbatical Officers brought this up at Board meeting last week, University are working on this. Will give this information as soon as have it.

There were no questions for the Liberation Officers.

On to the Motions!

With no objections or speeches against any of the motions all went to the vote quickly and all passed, the motions were as follows:

101 Business Motion “To update Standing Orders” - Resolved with No objections

301 Motion to “Rename the role of ‘Editor of The Courier’ to ‘Student Media Officer’ - Resolved by 87% votes for, 13% against to accept the motion. (6 abstentions)

302 ‘Motion to amend appeal procedure' - Resolved by 97% votes for, 4% against to accept the motion. (7 abstentions)

303 Updating NUSU Members and Memberships Document - Resolved by 86% votes for, 14% against to accept the motion. (7 abstentions)


After the motions we moved onto election to posts that were still avalaible with Rachel Baines being elected to the Welfare, Campaigns & Liberation Executive.

Then Council was finished off with an open debate on 'How can we make Council more appealing to a wider student population'?

We had some great discussion around this topic which can all be viewed in the minutes from council which you can read here.

And thats it for 2021! Council will be back on 10th February, see you all there!


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