A message of solidarity with our Asian Community

We stand in solidarity


CW: Hate crime

Over the past few weeks in the media, there has been increased coverage about the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes in America, following the tragic shooting of six Asian women in Georgia. While social media has erupted with infographics about the rise of these crimes in America, we want to stress that anti-Asian racism is not just an American problem. In the UK, data suggests a rise of 300% in hate crimes toward Chinese, East and South-East Asians in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2018 and 2019.  

We are also fully cognisant that this rise affects our local community and we are saddened to hear about the rise in anti-Asian hate crime here in Newcastle. We feel that it is important for us to stand in solidarity with our Asian student community and raise awareness of this issue. 

We are aware that a targeted act of physical violence took place yesterday on campus and there is a safety concern for our Asian students. Here at NUSU, we have support available and we urge you to come to us for whatever you need at this time. Senseless acts of physical and verbal abuse will never be tolerated and we stand by our students at all times. 

We urge ALL of our students to stand together and look out for one another.  Everyone is entitled to feel safe, to feel valued and to enjoy their freedom. We must unite and look out for one another, standing together against hatred. 

If you need to access support or want to report an incident, we have listed some resources below but also do feel free to email your Welfare & Equality Officer, Nadia here.

Welfare & Equality Officer (NUSU) 

Student Health and Wellbeing Enquiries
To access the Consultancy Team call the main Student Services number on 0191 208 3333

University Security 24/7
 0191 208 6817 

Report and support:

NUSU Student Advice Centre Booking form:

Community Groups 
besea.n: A grassroots movement born from six ESEA women, created to shine a light on Britain’s East and South East Asians.

End the Virus of Racism:
 K’s first nonprofit dedicated to addressing racism towards people of East and Southeast Asian heritage. 



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A message of solidarity with our Asian Community

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NUSU Standing in Solidarity.

"We as a team of seven women, spanning race, sexuality and class, stand in solidarity with the women protesting gendered, patriarchal and state violence"