Big changes to Hall and Community Representation!

Find out about our new Student Life Exec

 Hall and Community representation was cut short as with most things in March. Leave Newcastle Happy, the biggest campaign of the year had to be cancelled due to the safety of staff and students working out in the community. It’s sad but as we move on we know that there was no other way around it. Let us take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to those reps who have given up their time this year to make a difference to the experience of students.

Changes for 2020-21

The NUSU President leads on the community strategy of the SU. They also chair the Hall and Community Exec as well as being involved in the NU Sustainability group. Over recent years we have achieved many great things as a Hall and Community Exec and should be proud of the amazing projects and campaigns that reps have led or supported. They have been an integral part of creating the positive relationship we now enjoy with local residents – it hasn’t always been this way! But with all good things we felt that there might be ways to improve and wanted to do more to on our side in terms of supporting the reps in reaching their aims and objectives. With this in mind and following Katie’s WONKHE trip to the Baltics where she experienced various forms of student repping, we have changed things for the better. The first is a name change. The new Exec will be called Student Life EXEC (SLE) and will replace the Hall and Community Exec. This Exec will be student focused, student led and student owned.   

This Exec will include a student rep or NUSU Officer from the following areas; Uni accommodation, the local community, commuter students, volunteering and the Ethics and Environment Rep. Each rep will take on projects set within the Exec. These changes are hoping to give a more thought out approach and will support and lead on important campaigns and projects.

Following the successful passing of Student Life Exec (SLE) motion at May council the membership of SLE will be.

  • President – Chair. Will make decisions on projects untaken for the year ahead.
  • Hall Rep – Must be living in University or University managed Halls and will lead on Uni Accommodation projects.
  • Community Rep – Must be living in private accommodation (not Uni Halls or partnered Halls) in one of the 5 key areas (Jesmond, West Jesmond, City and West, Heaton, Sandyford) and will lead on community projects.
  • Ethics and Environment Rep – Open to any student who has an interest in Ethics and environment issues and elected at the first NUSU Council of the year. Will lead on ethics and environmental projects.
  • Volunteer Rep – Open to any student who has an interest in NUSU volunteering projects and will lead on recruitment and support of volunteers for projects.
  • Commuting Students Officer – Elected in annual NUSU elections. Will lead on projects and campaigns focussed on local students who commute.

Recruitment of Reps

The Volunteer, Hall and Community Rep will be recruited by applying with reasons for becoming the rep and will be chosen by the NUSU President. If you are interested in becoming one of the reps please contact for more details.

Looking forward to an exciting if a little unusual year in September. #YourVoice


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