What happened during the end of term Student Council?

It’s coming up to the end of an unusual year and what better way to mark it than with a dollop of student democracy…

Council Logo All three motions passed!

It’s coming up to the end of an unusual year and what better way to mark it than with a dollop of student democracy...

Chair of Council, Christopher Winter began the meeting with the notices and report section as well as electing the final open council place – let’s try to forget the confusion of the October meeting.

There was a good amount of questions for the sabbatical team and the Liberation Officers and Chairs who also get the chance to be questioned at the end of term meeting.  It was helpful to put a face to the names of the liberation officers and chairs, for many of the members.

There were 3 motions proposed (you can see the full motions and all the documents from the meeting here).


301 Motion on “ONLINE ELECTIONS” – Constitutional motion needing 2/3rd majority.

This motion passed and is vital in the smooth running of the elections early in the new year that have a strong chance of being online.

Passed – 87%


401 Motion on “EDI Training for Club, Society and Media Committee Members” – Ordinary motion needed simple majority.

Dorothy Chirwa, NUSU President, proposed the motion aimed at pushing forward in EDI and striving to gain equality within Clubs and Societies. The motion passed with a healthy 83% meaning that better days are ahead for all people who would like to join a club or society.

Passed – 83%


402 Motion to “Lobby the University for more gender-neutral toilets on campus and to ensure that they will be distinct from disabled toilets” – Ordinary motion needed simple majority.

Proposed by LGBT+ Officer, Ben Campbell and follows on from his amazing Trans Awareness week. Ensuring that all students are comfortable on campus is something we should all be trying to make sure happens and the meeting agreed! This motion passed with 87%

Passed – 87%


End of the motion section and moving on to elections for positions elected by Council and filling the spaces of vacant committee places.

  1. Disciplinary Committee: 2 places available
  2. Steering Committee: 1 place available
  3. Welfare, Campaigns & Liberation: 1 place available

We welcome Rabeeyah Cheema to Welfare, Campaigns and Liberation and a reminder to the Council members to lookout for an email to elected the Steering place. Because nobody came forward to run for the disciplinary places this ballot will return to next council to be elected.


The meeting moved on through the order paper to the open debate titled “What should the University and Students’ Union do to support students at this difficult time?” highlighting some real issues and ideas to take forward into the new year. Ending on a recognition of the hard work of Sabbs but acknowledging that there is always more to do to help support students. This term has been unusual at best and truly saddening at worst, we look forward to a recovery in the new year.

The meeting came to an end with the chair wishing all a restful break.

Watch NUTV's full live stream here.


The next Council is on the 28th January and the deadline for submitting motions to this meeting is 10.00am Friday 15th January which can be done here. You can also keep up to date with council here or email the SU to find out more.