Covid Marshalls in student areas

Covid Road Markings An overview of the Covid Marshal role

Given the many challenges of the Covid19 pandemic, additional staff have been employed by Newcastle City Council as Covid Marshalls.

The Covid Marshals have been funded by the City Council as part of a city-wide approach to managing the Covid19 pandemic. It means there are additional security staff patrolling residential areas such as Jesmond, Heaton, Sandyford and Ouseburn.

The information highlighted in bold has been provided by the City Council licencing team to give an overview of the role of the Covid Marshalls. 

Newcastle City Council usually support Operation Oak* during the Freshers period, but because of operational demands on existing staff resources, licenced SIA (Covid) Marshals are currently being deployed to support the police during the fresher’s period and then on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for a further 3 months. This is in addition to work that is being done in non-student communities directly by the local authority.

We have wardens patrolling residential communities around the City. During the day, teams are also tasked with dealing with compliance with coronavirus regulations in both retail and non-retail business premises. Extensive work is being undertaken in the night time economy to monitor compliance.

Role of SIA Marshalls

1. Carry out proactive patrolling of Jesmond/Heaton and Sandyford and Ouseburn areas during the fresher’s period and then on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for 3 months until 19th December.

2. The team will monitor and act as an early intervention in ASB, noise, social distancing and gathering issues in these areas.

3. The team will operate on the principles of Engage, Encourage and Enforce.

4. The team will work both alone and with Northumbria Police and will attend addresses where issues are identified with noise, anti-social behaviour or compliance with coronavirus social distancing guidelines and rules of gatherings.

5. The team will record all contacts, actions and interventions on the attached Incident Report paying particular attention to the following:

  • Name of all individuals dealt with
  • Property address
  • Date and time
  • Identified issue
  • Response given

Body-worn video footage to be obtained of all interventions and contacts.

6. The log shall be submitted to the control room prior to termination of duty as we have to update the NCC and the police by 08:00 hours the following.

7. The team will log any inappropriate activity in both residential and commercial properties.

8. The team will monitor behaviours and request individuals to amend their behaviour as appropriate and necessary.

9. Teams to remain mobile during their tour of duty.

The team are there to support and work with the police on behalf of the City Council. Should any offences be identified, the police will be called to deal with them although police involvement will not always be required.   

Information from the evening is fed back to the daily briefing meeting with the local authority and the police so the information may be fed into the Operation Oak process.

* How the Covid Marshalls link to Operation Oak

Operation Oak is a separate, and long standing partnership, between Northumbria Police and Newcastle’s two universities. Through this partnership, the universities fund additional police patrols in residential areas which have high numbers of students, such as Jesmond, Sandyford, Heaton and Ouseburn, to support students and permanent residents on matters such as safety, noise complaints and tackling crime.

On call from 10pm to 4.00am, Operation Oak usually operates on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings in term time, and for major events. During the Covid19 pandemic, Operation Oak is operating every evening during term time. To contact Operation Oak, students and permanent residents can text 07504 898148. When not running, please call 101.

As above, the Covid Marshalls are funded separately, by Newcastle City Council.

If you have a question or complaint.

If you have a query or want to raise a complaint, either about Covid Marshalls, or Operation Oak, please provide as much information as you can e.g. date, time, address and what happened. Covid Marshalls and Police Officers should be wearing body cam and so this will enable each incident to be investigated. 

For question or complaints about Covid Marshals please email

For questions or complaints about Operation Oak please follow




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Covid Marshalls in student areas

What is their role? This information has been provided by the City Council licencing team to give an overview of the role of the Covid Marshalls.

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