Cross River Gorilla Project’s Race for the Case

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students making pencil cases Supporting children unable to attend school in Cameroon

The Cross River Gorilla Project (CRGP) is a UK based charity set up to support the existing conservation efforts of the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla and to provide support to the local rain forest communities.

The CRGP launched their Pencil Case Project across Newcastle University campus on Monday 11th February led by Newcastle University students. They aimed to collect filled pencil cases to then be donated to children who are currently unable to attend school in Cameroon, as a result of the current humanitarian crisis in Cameron.

The Pencil Case Project aims to provide these children with some supplies in order to support and continue their education outside of the classroom.  


The project so far…..

The project has been running for three weeks and has collected over 120 pencil cases to send to Cameroon. Students from Newcastle University have been working with the charity and NUSU to organise and set up collection points across campus. Students also contributed to the project by creating posters and making pencil cases out of recycled materials at a recent craftivism session with A Second Life (Go Volunteer Project) during Student Volunteering Week 2019.

Due to the success of the campaign across the University campus, the charity is now looking to expand the project to local primary schools.

Ramona Slusarczyk, a lecturer in Corporate Communications from Newcastle University, said: “So far the Pencil Case Project has generated a tremendous response across campus and I’m proud of our students coming together to help vulnerable communities affected by the humanitarian crisis in Cameroon and to show support for the critically endangered Cross River Gorillas”.

John Daniels, Director of CRGP, said: “We hope that by working with the local community, we will not only help those in need but will also reduce the impact of this humanitarian crisis on the Cross River Gorillas’ natural rainforest habitat”.

If you would like to learn more about the project and have a pencil case to donate please contact – Jennifer Chennells (UG)

The charity also works alongside Newcastle University students from the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences and the School of Media, Culture and Heritage. More information on the Cross River Gorilla Project is available at and ERuDeF at


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