Feedback Fortnight

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Feedback is vital in allowing you to improve as students as well as preparing you for future assesments. We want to help equip you with everything you need to get the best out of your time at Newcastle.

It’s easy to forget about exams once you leave the exam venue. However, exam feedback can help you to think back to what you wrote and to reflect on how things might have gone better, this is much more productive than worrying about marks without any guidance to accompany it.

Feedback Fortnight is a two week campaign, dedicated to giving you the information to gain valuable exam feedback.

1.Receive Your Feedback

  • This can either be individual feedback, or group feedback to the whole cohort.
  • You can request individual feedback on written/PC exams, you have a legal right to this!
  • You can even request to see your exam script, at the discretion of your academic unit.

2.Read Through Your Feedback

  • It is important you understand the feedback you are given.
  • You can use this to see how you can improve your work.

3.Discuss your Feedback

  • This can be with the marker, a tutor or the module leader.
  • They can help identify your strengths and weaknesses and points to improve.

4.Use your Feedback

  • Reflect on what you have taken away from your feedback.
  • Use what you have learned to improve your future work.

For more information, look out for the stall at the following locations and follow NUSU 

  • 13th February 11-3 Business School
  • 15th February 11-3 Robinson Library
  • 16th February 11-3 Cube NUSU
  • 19th February 11-3 outside of the Students’ Union
  • 21st February 11-3 Robinson Library
  • 23rd February 11-3 Medical School

Get in touch with your Education Officer here or find out more from Louise, NUSU's Academic Advisor. 


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