Find out about this year's Student Elections & how you can run for a role!

Every year, NUSU holds a Student Election to determine which students will take on the responsibility and positions of our Officer Team. Find out more in this article.

Nominations have opened!


What are the student elections?

Every year, NUSU holds a Student Election to determine which students will take on the responsibility and position of our Officer Team. We have 7 paid, full-time Sabbatical Officer positions & 10 voluntary Liberation Officer & Chair positions available for the 2021-22 academic year. From the President of the SU to the Athletic Union Officer, Welfare & Equality Officer to Postgraduate Officer, our full-time positions will become your dedicated job at the Students' Union for the entire 2021/22 academic year. If you want the highest responsibility of representing students & aspects of student life on campus, these roles are for you. Find out more about our Sabbatical Officers & Liberation Officers and Chairs here.

The NUSU Student Elections is one of the most exciting parts of the year at the Students' Union. Students will nominate themselves for any of the roles, then run their election campaigns using a small budget we provide to rally students behind them. Once nominated and manifestos are in, we hold election training for the candidates and then they launch their campaigns & election videos which run throughout Campaigns Week. All students will then have the chance to vote for whichever students they want to see in the Officer roles during this week. At the end of the week, during Elections Night the results are announced and a new Officer team (& family) are added to the history books.

Wanting to explore the election, or nominate yourself? You can do so here


What are the benefits?

Make the Newcastle University experience even better. This is your chance: What would you do for Newcastle students? In 18/19 alone, the officer team lobbied the University to become the first University to give students access to free sanitary items, negotiated a rent reduction of 3.6% for all non-en-suite University-owned accommodation, and ensured Post-grads and re-sit students have extended Library hours this Summer.

Kick Start Your Career. Start your Career at the top of the tree, not the bottom. Not many graduates can say they are the Director of an organisation with a £4.5 million turnover within a year of graduating. Our officers often go on to fantastic careers and many organisations actively seek out SU officers for recruitment. You receive a comprehensive training package, including financial training by accountancy firm and mentoring from external professional trustees working in media, law, accountancy, and IT. Ex sabbatical officers are now employed in many roles including Deputy News Editor at ITV News, Co-Producer at Sky Sports, and Regional Director for Teach First.

Lead a unique and successful organisation. NUSU is a large and leading Students Union, winning Educate North’s Students Union of the year this year. We have a £4 million turnover, over 120 staff, and over 6,500 volunteers. You will learn and lead on all student experience matters from advice to elections, to event management to gross profit % in Luthers and the Coop.

You could experience the most challenging, fun, and rewarding year of your life. Every day and role is different - what starts with some intense team building and training, then leads head-on into Freshers’ Week, in between, you could be issuing grants, organising a new varsity, appointing the new Chancellor and emerging the other end at the Grad Ball.

Getting paid for your role. If you win your election for a sabbatical officer role, you will have secured yourself a full-time graduate job earning over £19,500 per year and get to stay another year at Newcastle, whilst staying in touch with student life!

Training & Experience. As an election candidate, you will receive training on marketing, producing a video, budgeting, and gain experience in running your campaign, all valuable experience whether you win or not.


How do I get involved?

Firstly, if you wish to run for a full-time Sabbatical Officer you don't have to be a student in your final year - if you are not looking to graduate when this role is in effect, you are able to take a year out from your studies to take on the role. If it is one of the voluntary roles you wish to fulfill, you will need to be a current student in the 2021-22 academic year as you will be taking on this role alongside your studies. All you need to do after working this out is to decide which role to run for.

To stand in the election, you must complete an official nomination form and come up with some ideas on what you would do if you were successful in the role you are running for (this is called your manifesto). Information about the nominations process & your nomination will be released closer to the time. In the time being, if you are interested, or want to find out any more about the role, feel free to contact any of the current Officers via our Elections resources page here